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Texas Managing Editors announces annual awards contest updates

Dear Texas newsroom leaders,

Our industry is changing. While that fact is no doubt not news to you, it is a catalyst for why we need to make some changes to continue our core mission: celebrating excellence in Texas journalism.

That’s why earlier this year we sent out a voluntary survey to Texas newsrooms with a history of entering the Texas Managing Editors/Headliners Excellence in Journalism Contest. The results and feedback from that survey, along with a series of thoughtful and robust discussions by our volunteer board of editors, led us to take action. 

Across the state, newsroom staff sizes, coverage areas, and other shifts of resources have meant that our annual awards contest divisions need to better match up similar newsrooms. We’re addressing that and also looking to the future. We also recognize the need to share more training and grant-funded opportunities on a wider scale beyond our annual convention. 

Here’s what to know:

  • NEW CONTEST DIVISIONS: Awards will be made in three divisions based on staff size and, where applicable, frequency of print publication. 
    • Class AAA will include print and web-only news organizations that employ at least 20 full-time journalists. 
    • Class AA will include print publications that publish at least four times per week and web-only news organizations that employ at least nine (9) full-time journalists. 
    • Class A will include print publications that publish three or fewer times per week and web-only news organizations that employ fewer than nine full-time journalists. 
  • CONTEST FEES: The contest fees hadn’t changed since 2015. The organization isn’t out to make a profit. Fees help pay for the annual convention, scholarships for student journalists, and the prizes awarded to top contest winners. The new rates are: $250 for non-daily papers (Class 1A), $500 for medium-sized dailies (Class 2A) and $1,000 for large dailies or equivalent web-only sites (Class 3A). 
  • RESOURCE PAGE: We’re adding a resource page to our website with a list of training and grant opportunities. Look out for an e-newsletter coming later this month, too. 
  • NEW LOGO: Also in 2023 we’ll unveil a new logo that reflects the organization’s shift from its former TXAPME name. The Associated Press asked all organizations of members to remove references to “AP” and “Associated Press” from their names. The parent company was not directly involved in the operation of the Texas organization, which now welcomes all news outlets, including non-AP members.



The Texas Managing Editors (TME) awards contest honors to the top journalism of newspapers and journalists from around the state. The awards also recognize college and university publications and Spanish-language publications.


We host an annual convention to celebrate award winners, share insights about the evolving industry, and give Texas journalists from across the Lone Star State a chance to make connections. 


Each year, the organization proudly awards the Buster Haas Minority Internship and Scholarship, which provides crucial newsroom experience to a student journalist, along with a scholarship.


Entries for the next contest will be accepted through Friday, Feb. 3, 2023


The 2023 convention will be April 14-16 at Moody Gardens in Galveston. Mark your calendars!

Have questions or feedback? Reach out to the TME board via our Facebook page.

Contest guidelines and past winners are shared on our contest website: tapmecontest.org

Thank you.



Andy Alford, Director of Editorial Recruitment, Training and Career Development
The Texas Tribune
TME board president

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