Texas Managing Editors

Texas APME’s 2020 convention in San Angelo postponed

Dear Texas APME members:

I’m sorry to report that we’re postponing the 2020 convention set for March 27-29 in San Angelo due to concerns over the coronavirus. Because of the rapid spread of the virus, many newspapers have already limited non-essential travel and we expect more will follow suit.

We plan to reschedule the convention because we believe it is important that we honor the great work of our member newspapers and raise money for internships and scholarships. We’re in contact with our convention venues and vendors to try to find a suitable future date. We expect that will take some time, so bear with us. We’ll keep you informed with regular updates on our website, Facebook page and through email.

If you made a reservation at the Red Lion Hotel, we are canceling them as a block. You should get cancellation confirmation from the hotel. If you haven’t received one within a few days, you should check with the hotel directly. If you’ve already registered, it will still be good for the rescheduled convention. If you can’t attend on the rescheduled dates, we will refund it.

Thanks for your understanding. We’re still going to have a great time in San Angelo — at a date to be determined!

Mede Nix
Texas APME President

Newsroom of the Year category to debut in 2020 contest

In 2020, the Texas APME will add a new contest category: Newsroom of the Year. This sweepstakes award was created because of the Texas APME board’s desire for an honor that goes beyond a Newspaper of the Year award, which is currently based on printed editions for only three dates during the year. The Newsroom of the Year award will take into account all 35 categories to better reflect a newsroom’s entire body of work and to recognize that a newspaper’s work in the 21st century includes much more than a printed product. The Newspaper of the Year award’s first-, second- and third-place winners will count the most in the points system but all other first, second and third places also will count toward the award.

Here is the points system:

Newspaper of the Year:

1st place: 30 points

2nd place: 20 points

3rd place: 10 points

All other categories

1st place: 3 points

2nd place: 2 points

3rd place: 1 point

The newspaper with the most points will win Newsroom of the Year. In case of a tie, the newsroom with the most first-place finishes will be the winner. If there is still a tie, the newsroom with the most first- and second-place finishes will be the winner.

Newspapers will NOT upload any material for this category. Texas APME contest coordinators will tabulate the points when all categories are judged.


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