Texas Managing Editors

AP Texas Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 2

Texas leads the way in contributions

Texas AP members lead the country in contributions over the past 12 months, with more than 3,000 contributions to the AP report during that time.

The number of contributions also represents a year-over-year increase in member photos of 10 percent.

If you have a dramatic image or coverage from a spot news event in your area, please do your part to ensure that other Texas newspapers get to see it. Do your part to keep Texas ahead of the pack!

April Photo of the Month


Roberto Rodriguez of the Amarillo Globe-News is winner of the April Texas Photo of the Month contest for this image from the funeral of a firefighter killed while battling a wildfire.

Don’t be left out of Member Marketplace

Is your newspaper part of the Member Marketplace in Texas?

Marketplace is the link in AP Exchange that opens up a treasure trove of regional content for your newspaper — both text and photos. And being a part of it costs you nothing.

Member Marketplace in Texas is now more than three dozen newspapers strong. Those newspapers share dozens of stories daily as part of their Marketplace participation. It’s a great way to share content on high school sports and re- gional issues that may not rise to statewide significance.

At last count, there were nearly 12,000 text items and more than 220 photos in the Texas Marketplace database . But you get to see them only if you’re a Marketplace participant.

Joining the Marketplace is easy. You sign a simple agreement in which you commit to quickly correct any content errors and to credit fellow AP members when you use their Marketplace material. Then, like the other Marketplace participants in the state, you simply authorize your content to move into Marketplace automatically; no one has to remember to “send” stories on a regular basis.

Marketplace material is searchable in the same way AP content is in AP Exchange. Contact Dale Leach or Barry Bedlan in the Dallas bureau to learn more.

Lifestyles May coverage: Outdoor/Summer

AP Lifestyles coverage this month focuses on out- door recreation and sum- mertime activities. Here’s a sampling:

  • Recreation: An early exclusive on Dr. Beach’s Top 10 US beaches; how to throw a great summer dinner party; firepits.
  • Food: Summer salads; the popularity of popup restaurants; the state of the magazine food world; a package dedicated to ice cream.
  • Parenting: How to get along with a college kid home for the summer; what not to say to a new college grad (such as, “What do you mean you don’t have a job?)
  • Travel: What’s new in theme parks, including a story about a unique theme park in Texas designed for guests with disabilities; and a look at lightweight camping.

AP Money & Markets expands online offerings

AP’s Money & Markets online service has en- hanced its market index graph that charts each market index. The chart can be dynamically changed to display variable time frames or to compare indexes.

The enhanced charting functionality provides users with a better tool to review and analyze mar- ket data. To activate the charting capabilities, the user clicks on any one of the indexes in the market index module.

This enhanced module is available to all Money & Markets members. The enhanced index graphic is just one of many new Money & Markets modules. To see all of the available modules, visit markets.ap.org.

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