Texas Managing Editors

AP Texas Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 3

A search for bodies that became a wild media goose chase

PhotoThe story certainly sounded compelling: Authorities in Liberty County were investigating a tip that multiple bodies had been buried at a rural Texas farmhouse.

It was enough to send some news organizations over the edge — several of them reporting as fact the discovery of 20 to 30 bodies.
Trouble was, it turned out not to be true.

Yes, there was a tip to law enforcement officials that multiple bodies — up to 30 in a Reuters report — would be found at the house. The caller, who claimed to be a psychic, knew details about the inside of the house that made her seem credible. Traces of blood and a foul smell coming from inside were enough to trigger a search warrant.

But there were no bodies. Just some rotting meat in a broken freezer and a few embarrassed reporters.

Members relying on the AP’s coverage had no reason to worry. While the AP advised members that it was aware of the reports and had sent reporters and a photographer to the scene, we also made clear the source of the reports was unknown. The AP never reported that any bodies had been found.

The Houston Chronicle was just as cautious.

George Haj, senior editor for news at the Chronicle, said the Chronicle was immediately skeptical of the initial television report about the discovery of bodies.

“We pushed hard to answer a couple of questions – what exactly did police know vs. what they were told by a source/tipster, and where did the original tip come from,” Haj wrote.

The Chronicle was first to reach the owner of the house, a long-haul trucker who explained the blood and insisted he’d not been involved in any killings.

May Photo of the Month


Joe Gamma of the Amarillo Globe-News is winner of the May Texas Photo of the Month contest for this image from a Randall County wildfire. The Globe-News also won the state Photo of the Month contest in April.

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Relief fund established for Joplin Globe staff members affected by tornado

The Missouri Press Association has established a disaster fund within the Missouri Press Foundation to assist Joplin Globe employees affected by last month’s tornado. All of the proceeds will go directly to affected employees.

The homes of at least 26 employees of The Globe were heavily damaged or destroyed by the tornado. A page designer at the newspaper, Bruce Baillie, 57, was killed.

Tax deductible donations to the relief fund may be made online at tinyurl.com/44szw5r. Checks can be sent to the Missouri Press Foundation, 802 Locust Street, Columbia, MO 65201.

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